Decks I Love: Introduction

I’m planning on doing a short series of posts about Magic: the Gathering deck archetypes that I really enjoy playing. I want to give some background around what decks I typically enjoy, as well as introduce some basic MtG concepts I’ll be referring to throughout the series. Note: this series will be focusing more on deck archetypes rather than diving deep into a particular construction of a deck. I am planning to do more in-depth deck discussions at some point as well!

To start, let’s talk about the 3 major categories of MtG decks: aggro, control, and combo. Aggro decks are typically about reducing your opponent’s life total to 0 as quickly as possible. Control decks attempt to negate any actions taken by the opponent while building up their own advantage. Combo decks are usually built around extremely powerful interactions between a small number of key cards and build their whole deck around maximizing the chances of assembling those cards.

Many decks do not fit squarely into a single category and are better subcategorized as, for example, aggro-control. This is applicable to many of the most competitive decks, as strong decks tend to attack on several different axes.

I enjoy playing a wide variety of archetypes. Typically, I enjoy more aggressive decks, and occasionally more traditional control decks. My favorite games are highly interactive, with both players jockeying for position. The games I enjoy least are where one or both players are playing solitaire, and not interacting at all. Thus, some of my least-favorite decks are traditional combo decks or all-in aggro. That said, there are some decks I enjoy that would fall into those categories!

Hopefully that gives a good idea of what kind of player I am. Be sure to check out the first official post in this series where I discuss my favorite archetype: burn!

Published on 2022-01-05